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Dolce Vita Restaurant & Drinks

Dolce Vita Restaurant & Drinks BY SCHLOSSHOF RESORT

You have to do something good for your soul too, right?
Eat & Drink – Schlsoshof’s Culinaria. We really love it.
We prefer to keep to ourselves (only for Schlosshof Resort guests – Luxury Camping & Charme Hotel)

A sparkling "Veneziano Aperol" served on the terrace or perhaps directly on the sun lounger by the pool - that's wonderfully relaxing! Cin Cin Amici, alla salute!

The great breakfast buffet or crispy bread and fresh croissants, delivered every morning directly by a local bakery... just a great way to start the day!
It goes on with a sparkling "Aperol Spritz" served on the terrace or perhaps directly on the lounger by the pool - that's how wonderfully relaxing it is! Cin Cin Amici, alla salute.
In the evening we close the day with homemade dumplings, spaghetti like Italian mamma or nonna used to make them, bacon from the farmer across the street or a good piece of meat or fish... oh, our menu has so many delicious things to offer that all what you want is to sit down... :- )

Opening Dolce Vita Restaurant & Cool Drinks: 24/03 - 05/11/2023
Warm cuisine: 6pm - 9 pm
Signature drinks, coffee, cakes, ice-creams and snacks: 7:30am – 10:30pm

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