Holiday Resort Schlosshof  |  Luxury Camping & Charming Hotel -  Lana near Merano - South Tyrol - Italy

Holiday Resort Schlosshof  |  Luxury Camping & Charming Hotel -  Lana near Merano - South Tyrol - Italy



… and for his owners :-)


  • Dogs are welcome in South Tyrol provided that the basic hygienic rules are observed and that they are always kept on the leash.
  • Officially dogs must wear a muzzle on busses, trains and cableways. However this rule is seldom controlled. At different cableways it is possible to rent muzzles paying a deposit.


  • Very well educated dogs are always welcome.
  • Dogs must be kept on the leash and guests have to walk their dog always outside the complex.
  • Dogs are not admitted in the bathroom facilities, at the pool and in the garden area.
  • Dogs are welcome and admitted in the restaurant as far as they keep still and do not disturb other guests (or as far as other guests do not feel disturbed by them).
  • We offer a modern dog toilette where you can wash your dog. The key is available at the reception. Please leave the dog shower clean after using it. Thank you!
  • Dogs not “suitable” for staying at a hotel or camping are not admitted, as we have to meet the requirements and wishes of all our guests. We thank you for your understanding…
  • Rate camping: € 5,20 for dog and night.
  • Rate hotel: € 12,00 for dog and night, without food.


  • You can walk your dog in the orchards around as well as in the orchards directly outside the Resort. Of course just one thing is required: you have to respect the orchards and their owners. Please take care to always have a dg waste bag with you and do not leave it on the ground but deposit it in a bin. If these simple hygienic rules are not held, our South Tyrolean farmers can really run out of patience! We therefore ask you to respect our nature and environment as well as the chattels of our countrymen. “Fido” will appreciate it!
  • Tip to walk your dog: getting out of the Resort turn left and walk on for about 50 metres. Where the road forks turn right in the direction of “Hotel Pfeiss” and walk on. After about 70 metres you see a road with a barrier on your left. You can pass the barrier without problem and enjoy your walk amidst the beautiful orchards. Please take with you (especially the first time) a plan of Lana in order not to get lost in the orchards that can turn into a true labyrinth. The plan will help you finding your way back to the Resort once you reach an “official” road again.
  • Further tips to walk your dog in Lana: Ländpromenade – walkt o the biotope – dog area in Oberlana (by the Gaulpromenade, which is very nice to walk you dog too) – Brandiswaalweg – Wine street to Bolzano/Bozen – Angerweg – Kreuzwiesenweg – St.-Agatha-Weg – Aichweg – Sonnenstraße.
  • To refresh in the warmest summer days: River Falschauer in Lana and waterfall along the Brandis Waalweg.

We wish “Fido” – and his owners –
a pleasant stay with wonderful experiences