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No cancellation fees in 2020 Baby!

For your booking in the season 2020 we will apply NO cancellation fee should you cancel your stay due to COVID-19. Whether one week or maximum one day before scheduled arrival: you can reschedule or even cancel your stay 2020 free of charge.

The cancellation or the change of holiday dates must be made by email and must be reconfirmed by our reservation office.

Valid reasons for a free cancellation or change of dates due to COVID-19 are following: border closure, travel warning, cases of COVID-19 in the family (to be documented by medical attest).

If prescribed by legislation, it is possible that we have to reduce our services. This has no effect on the tariffs.

Actually this year we all have to be somehow flexible and support each other. ❤

In case of cancellation NOT due to COVID-19 we apply the modified cancellation policy that allow free cancellation up to 2 weeks before arrival. In the 2 weeks before arrival we charge 50% of the stay.

In case of cancellation NOT due to COVID-19 we apply the modified cancellation policy that allow free cancellation up to 1 week before arrival. In the week before arrival we charge 3 days of the booked stay.




To tell the truth… we are already besotted with Schlosshof’s new, absolutely sexy ambience! Since March 2020, we will surprise you with a complete new design and fresh lifestyle at the Schlosshof Resort. The lobby and the reception, the bar, the lounge and the restaurant bear the signature of the Italian famous architect Alessandro Cestele. No typical alpine kitsch. Ageless is the keyword. A bit cheeky and crazy. And somehow “Italian-style”. And we love wow-effects. But the most important thing: our guests have to feel good from the very first moment.

An unstrained stylish hideaway away from everyday life. Quintessence: with the heart! We celebrate authentic fresh cuisine with products telling of our homeland. We mix Italian cocktails and enjoy the Dolce Vita. We create all this just for people looking after this. People who really value this. Pasta, Veneziano and loooooots of love.
Then… what else baby?


The Merano Flower Festival

From April 24 to 26, 2020
There are always many reasons to be amazed by Merano. In the spring, the city blossoms and shows itself from its most beautiful side. During this time of the year the Merano Flower Festival is on stage: an exhibition of flowers and ornamental plants where Italian and foreign nursery excellences find their place. The rich supporting program includes courses and workshops dedicated to children and adults, conversations with experts and artistic-floral expressions, involving the towns of Naturno and Scena.

Schlosshof Resort
Camping & Charming Hotel

Jaufenstraße / Via Giovo 10
(access Via Feldgatter)
39011 Lana near Merano
South Tyrol - Italy
Tel:  (+39) 0473 56 14 69
Fax: (+39) 0473 56 35 08

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