Holiday Resort Schlosshof  |  Luxury Camping & Charming Hotel -  Lana near Merano - South Tyrol - Italy

Holiday Resort Schlosshof  |  Luxury Camping & Charming Hotel -  Lana near Merano - South Tyrol - Italy

Lana-Merano-South Tyrol

Your holiday in Lana

Lana is a modern and family-friendly market town with a high quality of life and a sound approach to modernization. Set in the middle of the Adige Valley Lana is conveniently located between the cities of Merano and Bolzano and is a popular starting point for hiking tours, e.g. to the adjacent Ulten Valley. The way up to the Nonsberg Mountain leads along the Gampen Pass and into the province of Trentino.
With its 12,000 inhabitants Lana is culturally vibrant urban centre with a plenty of possibilities to enjoy shopping tours (more than 100 shops), art, museums and a very multi-faceted cultural life. 

No matter if you love sports, culture or food, if you are a family with children or a single, in Lana you will find the fitting offer for an unforgettable stay. Since this suggestive small town close to Merano, not for nothing called the "Gate to the South", combines in a very natural way the alpine cordiality with the Mediterranean flair making everyone want to come back again.  

Also the gastronomy offer in Lana is very diversified and suitable for every taste: from the simple and familiar "Trattoria" to pizzerias, from village taverns to gourmet restaurants. A wide offer for everyone.

The convenient position between Merano (6 km - bus connections every 15 minutes just 300 m from the Schlosshof) and Bolzano (20km - train connections every 30 minutes, just 1  km from Schlosshof) speaks for itself.
Starting from Lana you can comfortably explore the South Tyrolean alpine world even without a car, since endless excursion walking paths as well as numerous bike lanes with stunning panoramas and unfogettable views start in the immediate proximity of the small town.  

Lana has also "its own mountain", Vigiljoch/Monte San vigilio, one of the few car-free areas in Italy. This excursion paradise can be reached only by cable car. Let the magic of South Tyrol cast its spell on you! 

The thermal town Meran

Just 6 km from Lana: Merano. A town which speaks for itself. The  classy town on the south side of the Alps , internationally-known for its spa resort, mesmerizes through its multi-faceted character. The mild climate is a part of it in the same way of its glistening glaciers. Merano is located where north meets south in an absolute natural way.

Beautifully laid-out parks, Mediterranean gardens and promenades have contributed for centuries to the fascination of this town. Meranos charm is the golden thread between a past full of tradition and a modern present. Palms and glaciers, firn ice and magnolias strive in peaceful competition for the attention of visitors under a blue sky and a warm sun and surrounded by a magnificent natural backdrop. 

In no other town South Tyrolean culture meets the Italian one like in Merano: Knödel & Spaghetti, Prosecco & Lagrein, Tyrolean garb & Versace – The inhabitants of Merano live their lifestyle as if it had always been this way. To sit in one of the cafés of the sunny promenade and observe the people stroll around by a glass of wine is a unique experience.

The beauty of South Tyrol

South Tyrol is Italy’s northernmost province, bordering on to Switzerland in the west and on to Austria to the north and east. It is home to 512,000 inhabitants, around 1/5 of whom live in the provincial capital, Bolzano/Bozen. The Allies awarded this southern part of Tyrol to Italy at the end of the First World War.

Today South Tyrol is held up to the world as a model for the peaceful coexistence of ethnic minorities, each with its own autonomous status, and its own official language, German, Italian and Ladin. All three languages enjoy equal status. 
A cappuccino in the piazza, strolls along promenades beneath palm trees, hearty Tyrolean fare in Alpine refuges, warm bathing lakes, summer skiing – South Tyrol is a region abounding with contrasts. In addition, living tradition, historical and modern architecture.

The cuisine is a perfect mix between refined Alpine fare and fragrant Mediterranean delicacies. Knödel and Schüttelbrot meet Spaghetti and Grissini on South Tyrolean tables. 

Three languages, three cultures, one region: in South Tyrol the down-to-earth character of the Germanic mountain dwellers meets Mediterranean joie de vivre. Both meld and find expression in the everyday culture of the local people. Strongly influenced by their eventful history, the South Tyrolean is above all spontaneous and cordial in character, reliable and sincere in action.