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Luxury-bathroom facilities

Mamma mia, how beautiful!

The 3 sanitary buildings at Luxury Camping Schlosshof in South Tyrol are something very special. Very stylish and noble, but not aloof. Functional, of course. And clean anyway. We chose every single detail, every lamp and every sink ourselves. We just love the great Italian design. There is certainly not much comparable in Europe. Mamma mia, how beautiful is it here!

Our bathroom facilities

Luxury-bathroom facility no. 1 "Grande Amore":

Accessible to the guests of all pitch categories.
For the season 2018, the sanitary facility “Beautybath” was completely rebuilt and turned into the new luxury bathroom facility “Grande Amore”, including 9 new private bathrooms for rent at extra charge with shower and wc.
The noblest materials and the exclusive Italian design combined with great care to details will fascinate you.
“A luxury temple for personal hygiene and beauty”. Thus much more as simple “bathroom facilities”.
Furnished with: dishwasher, baby room, handicapped-accessible bathroom, private baths in the basement, chemical toilets.

Luxury-bathroom facility no. 2 "tiiamo":

Accessible to the guests of all pitch categories.
Modern Italian design enriched with stylish accessories. Furnished with: hood dryer, sinks and wc suitable for children and dog washing facility.

Luxury-bathroom facility no. 3 "Piccolo Amore":

Accessible only for guests of the pitch category "Premium".
Exclusive spa-like furnishing and subtle elegance.
Small & cosy.

Private bathrooms, washing machine, dryer and dishwasher with extra charge