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Schlosshof Resort in Lana, South Tyrol

In our ★★★★★ Luxury Luxury Camping in South Tyrol and our ★★★ Charming Hotel Schlosshof in Lana you find an unusual resort near Meran, original and very particular

We are surrounded by splendid orchards and love the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Arrive. Feel the joy of living. Discover many details. On the trail of the legendary Italian Dolce Vita. At a traditional owner-operated property in South Tyrol. For already 3 generations.

"We run our resort day by day with passion together with our team. We love people who celebrate life. People who delight in being on holiday and enjoy every single moment. A lovely aperitivo on the terrace, a tasty dinner at the Schlosshof Restaurant or a pleasant massage by Donna Rita. What could be more beautiful than this? Much humanity and mutual respect are our core values. Values that our parents and grandparents taught us and that have been handed down from generation to generation. This is the Schlosshof Resort. This is us."


Chris & Sabine Lanthaler, Owners & the meeeega Schlosshof’s Dream-Love-Team ❤

***** Luxury Camping & *** Charme Style Hotel Schlosshof - The hosts

Holiday Resort Schlosshof
Luxury Camping & Charming Hotel
Fam. Lanthaler
Via Feldgatter 14
39011 Lana near Merano - South Tyrol - Italy